Private clients
Are you looking for a one-off expert opinion or even multiple years of building owner support? We would be happy to advise and represent you – either ad-hoc or throughout the entire project process.

Public sector
Do you need additional support and expertise for public real estate and construction projects? We’ll focus on your needs as they relate to procurement law and beyond.

Private companies
Do you need advice on how to optimize your investments and corporate real estate assets? We offer support for all real estate issues.

Are you responsible for the spatial restructuring of schools? We can help you with the strategic long-term planning of school facilities, in the way that respects your financial goals and ensures their political viability and sustainable future.

Are you keen to invest in real estate and need a project developer? As service developers, we work with you to bring ideas, locations and capital together.

Retirement and nursing homes
Are you reevaluating your spatial needs, assessing the condition of your current space or considering a new project? We will answer your questions, support your decision-making process and propose new concepts for moving forward.

Institutional clients
Do you represent a pension fund or insurance company that is looking for guidance in strategic decisions? We analyze individual properties and portfolios to determine investment needs and potential, using feasibility studies to demonstrate optimal solutions.

Cooperatives and foundations
Are you part of an organization with a complex organizational structure that involves numerous stakeholders? We specialize in this field and will assist you in all matters concerning strategy, architectural competitions and the moderation of collaborative planning processes.

Churches, associations, clubs and non-profit organizations
Do you have specific requirements for your real estate portfolio in terms of usage concepts and how financial resources are deployed? We provide individual solutions and support for the decision-making process within various committees.