Piet Wolf – Owner and Managing Director

Piet Wolf holds an architecture degree from the Università della Svizzera italiana(USI, Mendrisio, Switzerland) and a master’s degree in Real Estate (CUREM) from the University of Zurich. Over many years working as a professional in the Swiss construction and real estate sector, he gained experience in the planning department of renowned architectural firms and as a consultant in major real estate consulting firms. He also worked as a divisional project developer on the investor side.

Responsibilities (selection):

  • Representing building developers in staff and line managerial functions for private investors and public authorities
  • Organizing test planning and competitive procedures for public authorities and foundations
  • Invitations to tender for planner and general planning services for public sector and private companies
  • Site evaluations for headquarters and cantonal administrative offices
  • Feasibility studies and potential analyses of properties and areas
  • Strategic long-term planning of school facilities for cities and communities
  • Object analyses / strategies with conversion and refurbishment concept
  • Feasibility studies and property valuations
  • Project development / Building developer representation for all phases of residential developments
  • Notarial documents for STWE (floor property association) justification / handling purchase and sale


inizimo has a well-established presence and a wide network of specialists in Zurich and German-speaking Switzerland. Unlike large companies moreover, the in-house roles are fluid. In our company, we consult experts on an individual basis according to the task at hand, to provide the most competent, flexible, fast and cost-efficient service for our customers.

Our network brings together expert knowledge and insights in the following disciplines:

  • Construction and real estate law
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Spatial planning
  • Urban development
  • Architectural design / implementation planning
  • Construction management / cost planning
  • Structural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Safety
  • Traffic planning
  • Building technology