Real estate strategies / real estate consulting

  • Portfolio / asset management consulting
  • Real estate strategies
  • Development potential, SWOT and risk analyses, as well as other bases for decision-making

Project development

  • Site evaluations
  • Real estate valuation using dynamic and static methods (DCF and real value)
  • Assistance with pre-acquisition screening, valuation and property acquisition
  • Development of project brief and coordination of concept, location and financial resources
  • Determination of client needs and definition of objectives
  • Preparation of project specifications, project brief (including duties and standards) and different design scenarios
  • Feasibility studies including calculation of costs, profitability and returns
  • Market and location analyses as well as evaluation of target groups and market prices
  • “Testplanung” (collaborative urban planning method)
  • Marketing strategies

Property analyses / property strategies

  • Due diligence (document analysis and property inspection with experts)
  • Flexibility in response to changing program, needs and requirements
  • Efficiency in terms of space, energy and economy
  • Maintenance and risk analysis
  • Life-cycle investigations
  • Development potential analyses with regard to possible floor area reserves, adaptive reuse, etc.
  • Planning of necessary measures
  • Development of property-specific strategies

Coordination of architectural competitions

  • Evaluation of various procedure types
  • Development of spatial program, performance specifications and competition brief and document set for participants
  • Development of complete document set for participants, including spatial program and competition brief
  • Organization and coordination of the entire procedure
  • Proposals for jury composition, participating teams and evaluation criteria
  • Organization and preparation of jury report, competition exhibition and documentation

Consultation and representation for real estate owners and developers

  • Client representation (line function): assumption of the client’s role, regular reporting to the client. Point of contact for planners, contractors and others.
  • Client support (staff unit): independent, external support and consultation to the owner’s general project manager.
  • Client consulting and expert opinions, e.g. for project reviews, audits, quality assurance, cost and deadline checks and second opinions.
  • Advice on special topics such as housing for the elderly and strategic long-term planning of school facilities.